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Hard to say when this all started... growing up in a family business in the sewing and textile industry gives you some unique opportunities to learn at a very young age. I have been doing embroidery since I was 10 years old working in the family store demonstrating machines and doing sales. My dad would take me around the country on business trips and attending trade shows and it was amazing to see what all the machines and equipment could do. I was hooked and started my own embroidery business with commercial equipment in 2002.

Since than I have had the privilege of working with other larger companies learning from them in their shops and expanding my knowledge in the different areas of the imprinted clothing industry. Starting a family of my own, my business allowed me to stay home with my kids while they are growing up while continuing with my passion.

Over the years I have added more equipment to expand the services offered and help customers have a one stop shop for all their clothing and promotional product needs. Always trying to learn more about the ever-changing industry, I try to attend different trade shows to see all the new and exciting things coming out.​ We only use the industries best supplies from thread to equipment to offer the best end products to our customers.

Thank you for checking us out and I look forward to working with you.

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